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Our Story


California Fresh Cuisine- is a down-to-earth trend, farm-to-table that's all about locally sourced, sustainable and flavorful foods. The idea is to find meat, seafood, and vegetables from nearby sources and ideally from farms that are committed to green practice. The closer the source, the fresher the product and better the taste-

This trend has been especially created by Chef Charly to introduce a variety of lighter and healthier dining options, with each dish maintaining its own unique and pristine flavor without compromise. The recipes are well-balanced and we use organic produce from reputable and sustainable sources wherever possible.

Caribbean chicken sandwich with bell peppers and pineapple salsa and mango-habanero rum sauce
Cinnamon Roll with Tiramisu Frappe


My vision, creativity and passion transcend mere food on a plate or beverage in a glass. I seek to invoke emotion, to create a tapestry of memorable moments from cocktails through dessert. I craft the kind of vivid experience that turn first-time guests into loyal customers and vocal brand advocates.

I consider every nuance. Engage every sense. Flavors. Aromas. Textures. Colors. And at the center of this symphony of expression reside the tabletop.

I express myself working insane hours. The relentless drive to outdo myself and my competitors, fuel me to poor my heart into every details. Why do I do it? Because I love it. All of it. The thrill of foraging. The pride in preparation. The artistry of plating. We all know true art takes real work. I'm honored to have started a trend called "California Fresh Cuisine", a unique masterpiece to life.